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Devidhura Champawat: Unraveling the Mysteries of a Historical Gem

Located in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand, India, Devidhura Champawat stands as a testament to the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region. This quaint town, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayan ranges, holds within its boundaries a plethora of captivating stories and intriguing historical events. From ancient temples to tales of valor, Devidhura Champawat continues to fascinate locals and visitors alike with its mystique.

Historical Significance:

Devidhura Champawat holds immense historical significance, dating back to ancient times. The town derives its name from the sacred Devi Dhura temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Barahi Devi. This temple, believed to have been built in the 11th century, attracts devotees from far and wide who come to seek the blessings of the deity.
One of the most notable events in the history of Devidhura Champawat is the Battle of Devidhura, which took place in 1790. This battle was fought between the Gurkhas, who had recently established their foothold in the region, and the Kumaoni forces. The Gurkhas, known for their formidable martial skills, faced a fierce resistance from the Kumaoni warriors, ultimately leading to their defeat. The battle is remembered for the bravery and valor displayed by the Kumaoni soldiers, who managed to repel the Gurkhas despite being outnumbered.
Another intriguing aspect of Devidhura Champawat's history is the mysterious stone inscription known as the "Devidhura Ashwatthaama Kila," located near the Devi Dhura temple. This inscription, written in ancient Brahmi script, has puzzled historians for years. It is believed to be connected to the mythical figure of Ashwatthama, a character from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The inscription continues to be a subject of research and speculation, inviting curious minds to unravel its secrets.

Architectural Marvels:
Beyond its historical events, Devidhura Champawat boasts architectural marvels that showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of the bygone eras. The Katarmal Sun Temple, situated a few kilometers away from the town, is one such example. Dating back to the 9th century, this temple is dedicated to the Hindu sun god, Surya. With its intricate stone carvings and stunning views of the surrounding landscape, the Katarmal Sun Temple is a treat for architecture enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike.

Nature's Abode:
Devidhura Champawat is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty, making it a paradise for nature lovers. Surrounded by lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, and snow-clad peaks, the town offers a serene retreat from the chaos of urban life. The Kali River, flowing through the region, adds to the scenic charm of Devidhura Champawat. It presents an opportunity for visitors to indulge in activities like fishing and boating, immersing themselves in the tranquility of nature.
Adventure enthusiasts can explore the nearby peaks, including the Nanda Devi and Panchchuli ranges, through trekking expeditions. These treks offer breathtaking vistas and a chance to connect with the raw beauty of the Himalayas.

Preserving the Heritage:
Efforts are underway to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Devidhura Champawat. The local government, along with various organizations, is working towards the restoration and maintenance of the historical sites in the town. Awareness campaigns and cultural festivals are organized to highlight the significance of Devidhura Champawat and attract tourism, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and cherish the town's rich past.

Tourisum near Devidhura Champawat:
Here are some of the tourist places you can explore in and around Devidhura Champawat:
1. Devidhura Temple:
The main attraction of Devidhura is the ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Barahi. It is believed to be one of the Shakti Peethas (sacred sites) in the region and attracts devotees throughout the year. The temple is located on a hilltop and offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys.

2. Banasur Ka Kila:
Situated near Devidhura, Banasur Ka Kila is an ancient fort associated with the mythical demon king Banasur. The fort offers a glimpse into the region's historical and cultural significance and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

3. Abbott Mount:
Located at a short distance from Devidhura, Abbott Mount is a quaint hill station known for its colonial-era cottages and scenic beauty. It offers a peaceful retreat amidst oak and deodar forests, with picturesque views of the snow-capped Himalayas.

4. Meetha Reetha Sahib:
This religious site is located about 40 kilometers from Devidhura and is of significant importance for Sikhs. It is believed to be the place where Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, halted during his journey. The site also has a natural spring where devotees take a holy dip.

5. Pancheshwar Dam:
Situated on the confluence of the Kali and Saryu rivers, Pancheshwar is a popular fishing and angling destination. The scenic beauty of the place, surrounded by mountains and forests, makes it a great spot for nature lovers.

6. Mayawati Ashram:
Established by the Advaita Ashrama, founded by Swami Vivekananda, Mayawati Ashram is a serene and tranquil place located near Devidhura. It is a retreat center and spiritual hub that offers peace and solitude to seekers.

7. Champawat:
While Devidhura is located in the Champawat district, the town of Champawat itself is worth a visit. It has historical significance and is known for its ancient temples, including the Baleshwar Temple and the Nagnath Temple.

Famous Devidhura Fair - "Pathar Mar Bagwal"

Every year on the occasion of Rakshabandhan in the premises of Varahi Devi temple in Devidhura, a huge fair of rain of stones gathers on Shravani Purnima. There are differences of opinion regarding the historical significance of the fair. But there is a general consensus that Bagwal is organized only as a remnant of the tradition of Nah Bali.
It is a popular belief that once upon a time, in the dense forest of Devidhura, after getting rid of the terror of fifty-two thousand heroes and sixty-four Yoginis, the local people demanded a human sacrifice as a reward, for which it was decided that a person's blood would be killed by hitting stones. The goddess will be appeased with equal blood, pelting of stones will be organized every year on Shravani Purnima. This practice is followed even today. It is a popular belief that human sacrifice was performed here every year on Shravani Purnima till a few days by the Mahar and Favyarl castes.

In conclusion, Devidhura Champawat is a hidden gem that holds within its boundaries a tapestry of historical events, architectural wonders, and natural beauty. This small town has managed to retain its charm and mystique, captivating those who venture into its embrace. As the stories and legends of Devidhura Champawat continue to be told, the town remains an enigmatic destination, inviting travelers to explore its past and immerse themselves in its timeless allure.

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