Patna Waterfall, Rishikesh Overview

A Hidden Gen - Patna Waterfall

Nestled in the serene and picturesque surroundings of Rishikesh, Patna Waterfall is a hidden gem that offers a breathtaking view of nature's splendor. Located around 9 kilometers from Rishikesh, this waterfall is a perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of city life.

The Patna waterfall cascades down from a height of around 40 feet and flows into a natural pool below. The pool is surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush greenery, making it an ideal spot for a refreshing swim or a picnic with friends and family. The crystal clear water of the pool is perfect for taking a dip and enjoying the coolness of the water.
The Patna waterfall is not as well-known as some of the other waterfalls in the region, which makes it a great spot for those seeking a quiet and peaceful experience. The surroundings of the waterfall are mostly untouched by commercialization, allowing visitors to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature. The journey to Patna Waterfall is equally breathtaking, as it takes visitors through scenic routes dotted with lush green forests and serene landscapes. The waterfall can be reached via a short trek that takes around 20 minutes, and the trek is relatively easy and suitable for people of all ages.
Apart from the natural beauty of the waterfall, Patna also offers visitors an opportunity to experience the local culture and cuisine of the region. There are several small shops and eateries in the surrounding areas that serve delicious local delicacies and snacks. Visitors to Patna Waterfall are advised to carry their own food and beverages as there are no restaurants or food stalls in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall. Additionally, visitors are urged to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings and avoid littering.

In conclusion, Patna Waterfall is a hidden gem that offers a unique experience of nature's beauty and serenity. The waterfall's peaceful surroundings, combined with the refreshing pool and scenic trek, make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a break from the chaos of city life

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