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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Overview

The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is a legendary journey that takes you to the source of the sacred Ganges River. It starts from Gangotri, one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites, and leads you through stunning landscapes, including glaciers, meadows, and towering peaks.

About Gaumukh Tapovan

Gaumukh Tapovan is a popular trekking destination located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The trek starts from the holy town of Gangotri, which is situated at an altitude of 3,415 meters above sea level. The trek is considered to be one of the most challenging treks in the region, as it involves traversing through steep and rocky terrain, high-altitude glaciers, and unpredictable weather conditions.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek: Key Highlights

Join us as we explore the serene locations and stunning scenery of the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek and set off on an adventure of a lifetime. Along with us, discover the must-see attractions and little-known spots tucked away in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Trek Highlights Details
Trek Duration 8 Days & 7 Nights
Altitude 4,463 meters (Tapovan)
Trek Length 46 Kilometres
Trek Difficulty Moderate to Challenging
Trek Starting Point Gangotri
Best Time to Trek April to June and September to October
Group Size A group size of min. 10 people to max 30 & more.
Price 17,999 per person + 5% GST
Inclusion Transport, Accommodation, Meals (Breakfast and Dinner), and a Trek Guide.
Permits Entry permits are required for Gangotri National Park. Obtain in Gangotri.
What to Pack Warm clothing, including layers, Trekking boots, Rain gear, Sunscreen and sunglasses,
Sleeping bag, First aid kit, and water purification methods.
Important Tips Acclimatize in Gangotri for a day before starting the trek.
Stay hydrated and pace yourself to avoid altitude sickness.
Respect local culture and environment; no littering.

The Best Time to Go on the Gaumukh Tapovan

The best time to undertake the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is during the summer months of May to June and the post-monsoon period of October to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the trails are relatively free from snow, offering ideal conditions for trekking.

Getting to the Base

By Road

From Delhi

You can take a bus from ISBT (Inter-State Bus Terminal) Delhi to Rishikesh or Dehradun. From there, proceed to Gangotri by taxi or shared cab.

From Haridwar

Haridwar is another major transit point. You can reach Haridwar by train or bus from Delhi or other major cities. From Haridwar, take a bus or hire a taxi to Rishikesh and then proceed to Gangotri.

From Dehradun

If you are arriving at Dehradun, you can hire a taxi directly to Gangotri (238 km). It’s a long but scenic drive.

By Train

If you prefer travelling by train, you can take a train to Haridwar or Dehradun railway stations, both well-connected to major cities across India. From there, you can continue your journey by road as mentioned above.

By Air

The nearest airport to the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. You can take a flight to Dehradun from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. From Dehradun, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Gangotri, where your trekking adventure begins.

Places to Visit on Tapovan Trek

As we explore the stunning scenery and tranquil locations along the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Come explore the well-known sites and undiscovered treasures tucked away in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Gangotri: The Sacred Starting Point

Gangotri, the spiritual starting point of the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, holds immense significance for Hindu pilgrims and trekkers alike. Situated at an altitude of 3,100 meters, this picturesque town is home to the revered Gangotri Temple, dedicated to Goddess Ganga.

Bhojwasa: A Tranquil Riverside Camp

As you trek from Gangotri, you’ll encounter Bhojwasa, a quaint riverside camp nestled along the banks of the Bhagirathi River. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset over the snow-capped mountains.

Gaumukh Glacier: Witness the Source of the Ganges

Gaumukh Glacier, often referred to as the “Cow’s Mouth,” is the highlight of the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek. Located at an altitude of 4,023 meters, this massive glacier is the source of the sacred Ganges River.

Tapovan: A High-altitude Himalayan Meadow

Tapovan, situated at an altitude of 4,463 meters, is a high-altitude Himalayan meadow renowned for its panoramic views and spiritual significance. As you ascend towards Tapovan, you’ll be greeted by vast expanses of alpine flora, including vibrant wildflowers and rhododendron blooms.

Meru Glacier: A Glacial Wonderland

Meru Glacier, located near Tapovan, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by intrepid trekkers. Trek through rugged terrain and icy slopes to reach this glacial wonderland, where you’ll be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of pristine ice formations and crystal-clear streams.

Activities on Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

1. Trekking Amidst Majestic Landscapes

Trekking forms the backbone of the Gaumukh Tapovan experience, offering trekkers the opportunity to traverse through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

2. Witnessing the Gaumukh Glacier

A highlight of the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is the opportunity to witness the Gaumukh Glacier, the sacred source of the Ganges River. Marvel at the surreal beauty of this massive glacier as it stretches out before you, resembling the mouth of a cow (Gaumukh in Hindi).

3. Exploring Tapovan Meadow

Travelers are drawn to Tapovan Meadow by its meditative beauty and ethereal atmosphere. Tapovan is a high-altitude Himalayan meadow at 4,463 meters above sea level, encircled by towering peaks such as Shivling and Bhagirathi group.

4. Engaging in Meditation and Yoga

The serene surroundings of Tapovan provide the perfect setting for meditation and yoga. Find a peaceful spot amidst the meadows or beside a babbling brook, and let the tranquil atmosphere envelop you.

5. Birdwatching and Wildlife Spotting

Nature enthusiasts will delight in the opportunity for birdwatching and wildlife spotting along the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek. Keep your eyes peeled for Himalayan birds such as the Himalayan Monal, Snow Partridge, and Himalayan Griffon.

6. Taking Pictures and Preserving Memories

With its stunning vistas and diverse flora and fauna, the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek offers ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture stunning images.

Planning and Preparation

Researching the Trek

Before embarking on the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, thorough research is essential. Understanding the route, weather conditions, and necessary permits is crucial for a successful journey.

Obtaining Permits

Trekkers need to obtain permits from the Uttarakhand Forest Department before starting the trek. These permits are necessary to enter the Gangotri National Park and trek to Gaumukh and Tapovan.

Packing Essentials

Packing the right gear and equipment is essential for a comfortable trek. Essential items include sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing, a sleeping bag, a tent, a first aid kit, and ample food and water supplies.

Unravelling Gaumukh Tapovan Trek: A Himalayan Adventure

The Gaumukh  Trek is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes you on a journey of discovery through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. From the sacred town of Gangotri to the pristine beauty of Tapovan and beyond, each destination along the trek offers its unique charm and allure.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1- Drive Dehradun to Gangotri (238 Kms, 7-8 Hours)

    Your adventure begins as you arrive in Dehradun, where our team will greet you. From there, embark on a scenic drive to Gangotri, the starting point of your trek. Enjoy the picturesque views of the Himalayas along the way. Overnight stay in Gangotri.

  • Day 2- Trek Gangotri to Chirbasa (8 km)

    After breakfast, begin your trek from Gangotri to Chirbasa, a picturesque hamlet nestled amidst lush greenery. Traverse through enchanting forests and serene landscapes as you make your way to Chirbasa. Overnight camping in Chirbasa.

  • Day 3- Trek Chirbasa to Bhojbasa (4.5 km)

    Today’s trek takes you from Chirbasa to Bhojbasa, offering breathtaking views of the Bhagirathi River and surrounding peaks. Experience the tranquility of the Himalayan wilderness as you trek through pristine alpine meadows. Overnight camping in Bhojbasa.

  • Day 4- Trek Bhojbasa to Gaumukh to Tapovan

    Prepare for an exhilarating day as you trek from Bhojbasa to Gaumukh, the sacred source of the Ganges River. Marvel at the sight of the glacier and immerse yourself in its spiritual ambience. Continue your journey to Tapovan, a high-altitude meadow offering panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. Overnight camping in Tapovan.

  • Day 5- Exploration and Rest at Tapovan

    Take this day to explore Tapovan and its surrounding landscapes at your own pace. Admire the breathtaking views of Mount Shivling and other high peaks, or just unwind in the serene Himalayan landscape. Camping for the night in Tapovan.

  • Day 6- Trek Back Tapovan to Bhojbasa (9 kms)

    Bid farewell to Tapovan as you begin your descent back to Bhojbasa. Relish the last moments of your trek amidst the pristine mountain scenery. Overnight camping in Bhojbasa.

  • Day 7- Trek Back Bhojbasa to Gangotri (11.7 Kms)

    Continue your journey as you trek back from Bhojbasa to Gangotri, retracing your steps through the captivating landscapes of the Gangotri National Park. Upon reaching Gangotri, celebrate the completion of your trek. Overnight stay in Gangotri.

  • Day 8- Drive Gangotri to Dehradun (Approximately 290 km, 10-12 hours by road)

    After breakfast, embark on a scenic drive back to Dehradun, where you'll bid farewell to the majestic Himalayas and cherish the memories of your Gaumukh Tapovan Trek.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Route on Map

People Also Ask About Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Q.1 What is the difficulty level of the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek?

The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is considered to be a moderate-to-difficult trek. It involves steep climbs and a high altitude, which can be challenging for some hikers.

Q.2 How long is the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek?

The trek is approximately 50 km long and can be completed in 7-8 days.

Q.3 What are the best months to undertake the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek?

The best months to undertake the trek are April to June and September to November. During these months, the weather is favourable and the snow has melted, making the trek easier.

Q.4 Do I need to be an experienced trekker to undertake the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek?

It is recommended to have some prior trekking experience before attempting the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek. The trek involves steep climbs and high altitudes, which can be challenging for those without experience.

Q.5 What type of accommodation is available on the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek?

There are several options for accommodation on the trek, including basic trekkers' huts, tents, and camping grounds. However, these options may not always be available, and it is recommended to carry a camping tent.

Q.6 Is it necessary to have a guide for the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek?

It is not necessary to have a guide for the trek, but it is recommended for those who are new to trekking or are not familiar with the route. A guide can provide valuable information on the trek, help with navigation, and ensure safety.

Q.7 Are there any restrictions for undertaking the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek?

The Indian Mountaineering Foundation has imposed some restrictions for the trek, including a maximum of 20 trekkers per day, and hikers need to get permission before undertaking the trek.

Q.8 What are the cultural aspects of the trek?

You'll have the opportunity to interact with local villagers and observe their way of life. Respect local customs and the environment during the trek.

Q.9 Can I trek to Gaumukh Tapovan independently, or should I join a guided trek?

While independent trekking is possible, joining a guided trek is recommended for safety, navigation, and a more informative experience.

Q.10 Are there any risks associated with the trek, such as altitude sickness?

Yes, altitude sickness is a potential risk due to the high elevations. It's essential to acclimatize properly, stay hydrated, and be aware of symptoms of altitude sickness.
All Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Customer Reviews 13 Users Reviewd
Manish raj
Manish raj, 2023-10-14 07:32:02

I embarked on the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek with FirstTrek, and it was nothing short of extraordinary. The entire journey, from Dehradun to Gangotri and beyond, was seamlessly organized by the team. Our guide was experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring our safety and sharing insights about the region. The trek itself was breathtaking, with stunning vistas, pristine meadows, and the mesmerizing Tapovan. It was a transformative experience that I will cherish forever. Thanks, FirstTrek, for making it all possible!

Krish, 2023-10-10 07:33:18

My Gaumukh Tapovan Trek with FirstTrek was a dream come true. The team's attention to detail, from the permits to the accommodations, was impressive. Our guide was not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the Himalayas, which made the experience more enriching. Tapovan was a true highlight, and I found inner peace amid those majestic peaks. I highly recommend FirstTrek for a well-organized and unforgettable Himalayan adventure

Madhuri Gusain
Madhuri Gusain, 2023-10-09 07:28:56

The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely worth it. The trek was challenging, especially at higher altitudes, but the moment we reached Tapovan, all the effort was forgotten. The majestic peaks, the glacier, and the tranquility were overwhelming. The local culture and interactions with fellow trekkers added to the experience. If you're up for an adventure, this is the trek to take.

Sanju, 2023-09-28 07:32:43

I had a fantastic time on the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek with FirstTrek. The landscapes were surreal, and the trekking crew was friendly and accommodating. The journey to Gaumukh, the birthplace of the Ganges, was a spiritual experience, and Tapovan's beauty left me in awe. I'm giving it four stars only because the weather turned quite challenging at times, but the team's guidance and support got us through it. Overall, a memorable adventure.

ujjawal, 2023-09-21 07:33:46

The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek with FirstTrek was a physically demanding but rewarding journey. The landscapes were awe-inspiring, and Tapovan was like a piece of heaven on Earth. While the trek was challenging at times, our guide and support crew were exceptional, ensuring our safety and comfort. I gave it four stars because I wish the accommodations during the trek were slightly more comfortable, but the overall experience was worth it.

@Pratiban, 2023-09-10 07:35:27

I had the pleasure of trekking to Gaumukh Tapovan with FirstTrek, and it was an adventure that exceeded all expectations. From the moment I inquired about the trek, FirstTrek's customer service was exceptional. They answered all my questions, provided a comprehensive packing list, and ensured we were well-prepared. The journey from Dehradun to Gangotri was comfortable, and our guide's expertise was evident. He kept us motivated and engaged with fascinating stories about the region, its culture, and the mountains we were approaching. FirstTrek's commitment to responsible trekking was evident throughout the journey. The team emphasized eco-friendly practices, from waste management to supporting local businesses. It's clear they care about the environment and the communities they work with. The trek itself was a blend of challenges and rewards. The landscapes were awe-inspiring, and reaching the source of the Ganges was a spiritual experience. Tapovan's serene meadows felt like a piece of heaven on earth. I can't praise FirstTrek enough for their professionalism, safety measures, and exceptional service. This journey was not just a trek; it was an adventure of a lifetime, and I highly recommend FirstTrek to anyone looking to explore the Himalayas responsibly and with expert guidance.

Sachin Kanwasi
Sachin Kanwasi, 2023-08-23 07:30:34

The Gaumukh Tapovan trek was an unforgettable adventure. The trek tested our physical limits, but the rewards were immense. From seeing the Ganges emerge from the glacier to experiencing the high-altitude beauty of Tapovan, every moment was memorable. The local guides were knowledgeable and added a cultural dimension to the journey. I would do this trek again in a heartbeat

Manpreet kaur
Manpreet kaur, 2023-08-06 07:37:12

I recently had the opportunity to embark on the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek with FirstTrek, and the experience was nothing short of magical. From the moment we landed in Dehradun, the team at FirstTrek ensured our journey was seamless. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and led our group with utmost professionalism. He provided insightful information about the region's culture, history, and natural wonders, which enhanced our trekking experience. The trek itself was breathtaking. The lush green landscapes, the pristine Bhagirathi River, and the towering peaks left us spellbound. The campsites were well-organized and comfortable, offering much-needed rest after long days of trekking. What truly stood out was the attention to safety and acclimatization. FirstTrek ensured that we all adapted to the high altitudes gradually and kept a watchful eye on our health. This made us feel secure and allowed us to enjoy the trek to the fullest. This trek has been a life-changing experience for me, and I owe a great deal of it to FirstTrek. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to explore the beauty of the Himalayas

Harish Bisht
Harish Bisht, 2023-08-02 07:29:59

I was awestruck by the natural beauty of the Gaumukh Tapovan trek. The landscapes were diverse, with pine forests, river crossings, and meadows filled with wildflowers. Reaching Tapovan was the highlight of the trek – the views of the Bhagirathi peaks and the serene ambiance were beyond words. It's a trek that combines adventure with a deep connection to nature

Anubhav, 2023-05-22 07:27:52

Gaumukh Tapovan was an incredible adventure! The trek offered us breathtaking views at every turn. From the serene landscapes of Gangotri to the pristine beauty of Gaumukh and the surreal ambiance of Tapovan, it was a journey of a lifetime. The challenging terrain was rewarding, and the spirituality in the air was palpable. The guided trek made it even more enjoyable and safe. I can't recommend this trek enough!

Sonam Belwal
Sonam Belwal, 2023-05-07 07:36:25

I had the privilege of joining FirstTrek for the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, and it was nothing short of an adventure of a lifetime. The journey from Dehradun to Gangotri was well-organized, and our guide's knowledge of the local terrain was impressive. What sets FirstTrek apart is their commitment to responsible trekking. They emphasize Leave No Trace principles, ensuring that we minimized our environmental impact. The team also supported the local communities, making our trek feel sustainable and responsible. The trek itself was challenging but immensely rewarding. The sight of the Ganges originating from the Gaumukh Glacier is awe-inspiring, and the beauty of Tapovan is beyond words. FirstTrek's well-thought-out itinerary allowed us ample time for exploration, relaxation, and acclimatization. The accommodations in Gangotri were comfortable, and the tents during the trek were clean and cozy. FirstTrek's crew ensured we had hot meals and clean water, which was essential at high altitudes. I am truly grateful for the unforgettable experience that FirstTrek provided. Their dedication to safety, responsible trekking, and customer satisfaction is commendable. If you're seeking an adventure in the Himalayas, FirstTrek is the way to go.

Tamnna Gusain
Tamnna Gusain, 2023-04-29 07:29:29

I embarked on the Gaumukh Tapovan trek not just for the physical challenge but for the spiritual experience. This trek delivered on both fronts. The views were spectacular, and the aura around Gaumukh was surreal. Tapovan, perched high in the Himalayas, was the perfect place for introspection and meditation. It was a humbling and transformative journey that left me with memories I'll cherish forever.

Vinod, 2023-04-20 07:34:07

FirstTrek made the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek an unforgettable adventure. The entire journey was well-organized, and the guide's expertise and enthusiasm were infectious. The trek itself was a mix of adventure and spirituality. Tapovan's serenity was a highlight, and I felt a deep connection to nature and the mountains. I can't thank FirstTrek enough for this life-changing experience. Highly recommended!

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