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About Kartik Swami Temple Trek

The Kartik Swami Temple Trek is a divine expedition that takes you through the mystical landscapes of the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand, India. This sacred journey is not just about reaching the temple dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, the God of War, but also about immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan mountains.

About Kartik Swami Temple Trek

Nestled in the heart of the Garhwal region of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, the Kartik Swami Temple stands as a testament to devotion, natural beauty, and spirituality. The Kartik Swami Temple, perched at an altitude of approximately 3,050 meters above sea level, has rich historical and spiritual significance. Legend has it that Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, made this serene location his abode after defeating the demon brothers Tarakasura and Shurapadmasura. As a result, the temple was built to commemorate his presence, making it a revered pilgrimage site for devotees.

Kartikswami Temple is dedicated to lord Kartikeya, the elder son of Lord Shiva. It is perhaps the only temple of Kartikeya in Uttarakhand. The temple is situated on a ridge at the top of Kronch Parvat. As per Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Shiva once asked both of his sons, Kartikeya and Ganesha to take seven rounds of the universe and the one who finishes it first will get the privilege of getting worshipped first.

The Kartik Swami Temple holds immense historical and cultural significance for the locals. According to legends, Kartik Swami was the commander-in-chief of the gods and a great warrior. The temple is believed to have been built around 1000 years ago by the king of Tehri, Kanak Pal. Pilgrims from far and wide visit this sacred site to seek the blessings of Kartik Swami and witness the breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

Key Highlights Of Kartik Swami Temple Trek

Highlight Detail
Duration 3 Days & 2 Nights
Max Altitude 3,050 meters
Trail Length Approximately 3 kilometres
Trek Start & End Point Kank Chauri, Pokhari
Trek Difficulty Easy Trek is suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers.
Best Time April to June and September to November for ideal weather and trekking conditions.
Temprature at kartik Swami Autumn Season : 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F)
Spring Season : 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F)
Winter Season : 0°C to 10°C
Group Size A minimum group size of 7 people and a maximum of 30 or More people.
Trek Price ₹5,500 Per Person
Items included Transport, Accommodation (Kank Chauri), Food (Basic Breakfast & Dinner).

Kartik Swami Temple Trek Package

  • Rishikesh to Rishikesh (3 Days & 2 Nights) :

    We will start our journey from Rishikesh, which is known as the “Yoga City of the World”. This will Simply : Risikesh – Kankchauri – Kartik Swami temple – Kankchauri – Rishikesh
    Our Package Starts from  6,500 Per Person (Transport + Accommodation and Meals) + 5% GST

Best time to visit Kartik Swami Temple Trek

The best time to go on the Kartik Swami Temple Trek is from April to June and September to November when the weather is nice and the skies are clear. Winter months should be avoided as the region experiences heavy snowfall, making trekking difficult and risky.

How to Reach Kartik Swami Temple Trek

In our quest to embark on the soul-stirring journey to Kartik Swami Temple Trek, accessibility is paramount. Whether you prefer the convenience of road travel, the charm of a scenic train ride, or the swiftness of air travel, we unveil a comprehensive guide to reaching this sacred destination.

By Road: Navigating the Scenic Routes

Route from Major Cities

For travellers opting for road transport, Kartik Swami Temple Trek is accessible via well-connected highways from major cities like Delhi, Dehradun, and Haridwar. Embark on a picturesque road trip, traversing through the verdant landscapes of Uttarakhand, as you make your way towards the spiritual haven of Kartik Swami Temple.

Travel to Rudraprayag

From Rishikesh or Haridwar, your next destination is Rudraprayag, which is approximately 138 kilometres away. You can reach Rudraprayag by bus or hire a taxi. The journey will take around 3-4 hours, depending on road conditions and traffic.

Proceed to Kanak Chauri

Kanak Chauri serves as the base village for the Kartik Swami Temple trek. From Rudraprayag, you can hire a taxi or take a shared cab to Kanak Chauri, which is about 38 kilometres away. The road to Kanak Chauri is scenic and winds through picturesque landscapes.

The Trek to Kartik Swami Temple

The trek to Kartik Swami Temple Trek begins from Kanak Chauri. It is approximately 3 kilometres long and is a moderately steep ascent. The trail passes through dense forests of oak and rhododendrons, providing a refreshing experience in the lap of nature. Along the way, you’ll encounter several resting spots and tea stalls where you can recharge.

By Train: Embarking on a Scenic Rail Expedition

For those seeking a blend of comfort and scenic beauty, the nearest railway stations to Kartik Swami Temple are Rishikesh Railway Station and Haridwar Junction. Board a train from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai to reach these railway hubs, and embark on an enchanting rail expedition amidst the majestic Himalayan foothills.

By Air: Soaring to New Heights

For those seeking swiftness and convenience, the nearest airport to Kartik Swami Temple is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. The airport offers regular flights from major cities across India, providing seamless connectivity to travellers from far and wide.

Accommodation at Kartik Swami Temple Trek

If you’re planning a pilgrimage or trek to Kartik Swami Temple, you might be wondering about accommodation options near this sacred site. While the temple itself doesn’t offer lodging facilities, there are several nearby options where you can stay and rest before or after your visit to the temple. There you will find Hotels, Dharamshala, guesthouses and homestays, camping sites, tented camps.

Must-Visit Destinations During Kartik Swami Temple Trek

As we traverse the mystical trails of the Kartik Swami Temple Trek, we encounter a plethora of captivating destinations that beckon explorers and pilgrims alike. From serene natural vistas to ancient shrines steeped in spirituality, each stop along this sacred journey unfolds a tapestry of wonders waiting to be discovered.

Revelations at Rudraprayag: Where Rivers Converge

Nestled at the confluence of the Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers, Rudraprayag is not merely a geographical landmark but a sacred site revered by pilgrims for centuries. Pay homage to the Rudranath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, and immerse yourself in the divine aura of this ancient pilgrimage site.

Surrounded by lofty mountains and verdant valleys, Rudraprayag offers a mesmerizing panorama of natural beauty. Take a moment to pause and admire the tranquil waters of the rivers as they merge harmoniously, creating a spectacle of breathtaking allure.

Serenity Amidst Sari Village: Gateway to Tranquility

Sari Village serves as the gateway to the Kartik Swami Temple Trek, welcoming travellers with its idyllic charm and rustic simplicity. Embark on a leisurely stroll through the village lanes adorned with traditional wooden houses, and savour the essence of rural life in the Himalayas.

Surrounded by terraced fields and lush forests, Sari Village captivates visitors with its ethereal landscapes and serene ambience. Take a moment to breathe in the crisp mountain air and revel in the tranquillity of this Himalayan hamlet before commencing your trek towards Kartik Swami Temple.

Ascending to Kartik Swami Temple: A Pilgrimage of Faith

Perched atop a majestic hill overlooking the Himalayan range, Kartik Swami Temple stands as a testament to unwavering faith and devotion. Enter the sacred precincts of the temple and witness the divine presence of Lord Kartikeya, enveloped in an aura of peace and tranquillity. From the vantage point of Kartik Swami Temple, behold a panoramic panorama of the Garhwal Himalayas, stretching across the horizon in all its grandeur. Marvel at the snow-capped peaks of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba, and feel a sense of awe and reverence for the natural splendour that surrounds you.

Things to Do During Kartik Swami Temple Trek

The Kartik Swami Temple Trek is more than just a physical journey; it’s a spiritual odyssey through the enchanting beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas. This trek, set in Uttarakhand’s picturesque landscapes, provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with nature, culture, and spirituality.

Capturing Memories: Photography Tips and Best Spots

Don’t forget to bring your camera along to capture the awe-inspiring landscapes and cultural moments along the trek. From sunrise over the Himalayas to the vibrant hues of prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, there are endless opportunities for stunning photographs.

Interacting with Locals: Cultural Insights and Hospitality

One of the most enriching aspects of the Kartik Swami Temple Trek is the opportunity to interact with locals and gain insights into their way of life. Whether sharing stories over a cup of chai or participating in traditional rituals, these encounters add depth and authenticity to your trekking experience.

Nature’s Bounty: Flora and Fauna Along the Trek

As you traverse through diverse ecosystems, keep an eye out for the rich biodiversity that thrives in the Himalayan region. Spot exotic flora like rhododendrons and oak trees, and if you’re lucky, catch a glimpse of elusive wildlife such as Himalayan langurs and musk deer.

Camping Under the Stars: Overnight Stay Options

For a truly immersive experience, consider camping overnight amidst the tranquillity of the Himalayan wilderness. Pitch your tent at designated camping sites along the trail and spend the night under a blanket of stars, serenaded by the symphony of nature.

Embracing the Spiritual Essence: Meditation and Yoga Practices

Amidst the serene surroundings of Kartik Swami Temple, take time to engage in meditation and yoga practices to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Find a quiet spot to sit in contemplation, or join a group session led by experienced instructors.

Challenges and Rewards: Personal Growth and Reflection

Trekking to Kartik Swami Temple is not without its challenges, but each obstacle overcome brings with it a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Embrace the journey with an open heart and mind, and allow yourself to be transformed by the experience.

Sustainable Tourism: Responsible Travel Practices

As stewards of the environment, it’s our responsibility to minimize our impact on the fragile ecosystems of the Himalayas. Practice Leave No Trace principles, support local communities, and opt for eco-friendly accommodation and transportation options.

Spiritual Experience and Festivals

Reaching Kartik Swami Temple is not just a physical journey; it’s a spiritual one. The tranquil environment and the isolation from the hustle and bustle of city life provide ample opportunities for deep introspection and meditation. The temple priest performs daily rituals, and the resonance of conch shells and bells creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and devotion.

 A Spiritual Journey amidst the Himalayas

The Kartik Swami Temple Trek is a soul-stirring experience that combines spirituality with adventure. The trek not only offers a chance to seek divine blessings but also allows trekkers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas. Whether you are a devout pilgrim or an avid trekker, a visit to Kartik Swami Temple is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind and soul.



  • Day 1- Rishikesh → kank-chauri, Rudraprayag

    The hillside journey starts from Rishikesh at 6 a.m. Before starting the journey, assemble at the bus station. Begin a long-distance, uphill drive from Rishikesh to Kankchauri. Along the way, stop over at Devprayag to witness the holy confluence of the Bhagirathi and Alakhnanda Rivers to form the Ganges. In the midway, you will see Srinagar, Dhari-Devi, Rudraprayag, and Agusatmuni. When you reach Kank-chauri, your stay will be at a homestay or cottage. Our cottages are a perfect place to enjoy the real beauty of nature. Rest in the cottages and enjoy the evening.

  • Day 2- Kank-chauri → Kartik Swami Temple Trek

    Start your day with a steaming hot breakfast at Cottage, and then be ready to trek to Kartik Swami Temple. It is around a 3-4-km-long trek from Kanak-Chauri Station. The trek passes through the Rhododendron Forest. Climb slowly while enjoying the trek. You will see various types of plants, birds, and more on this trek. In the end, when you are on top of a hill, you will be near the temple and the temple is at the point where there is a 360-degree view of the Himalayas range. Look at other mountains in front of you with the cover of snow.

  • Day 3- Kank-chauri → Rishikesh

    Get up, take your breakfast, and start the beautiful journey back to Rishikesh. Feel the beauty of a mountain road trip and enjoy the valley of the Himalayas. It is about an 8-hour drive to Rishikesh. Overnight at Rishikesh.

Route Map

Kartik Swami Temple Trek FAQs

Q.1 What is the best time to undertake the Kartik Swami Temple trek?

The best time for the Kartik Swami Temple trek is typically from October to January, when the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear. This period offers ideal trekking conditions.

Q.2 How difficult is the Kartik Swami Temple trek?

The Kartik Swami Temple trek is considered moderate to easy, suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers. The well-marked trail and a distance of approximately 3 kilometers make it accessible to most.

Q.3 Are there any specific preparations needed for the trek?

While the trek is easy, it's essential to be physically prepared. It's advisable to wear comfortable trekking attire, carry ample water and snacks, and dress in layers for changing weather conditions.

Q.4 Can you provide information about the Kartik Poornima festival celebrated at the temple?

The Kartik Poornima festival is a significant event at Kartik Swami Temple, typically observed in October or November. Devotees gather for prayers, bhajans, and rituals to celebrate Lord Kartikeya.

Q.5 What are the accommodation options during the trek?

Basic lodging options are available in Kanak Chauri, the base village. Trekkers can find guesthouses or homestays for an overnight stay before or after the trek.

Q.6 Are there any specific safety guidelines for the Kartik Swami Temple trek?

It's crucial to check the weather conditions before the trek and to acclimate properly to the high altitude. It's also advisable to inform someone about your trekking plans and carry essential items like a first-aid kit.

Q.7 How can I reach the starting point of the Kartik Swami Temple trek?

The trek usually begins from Kanak Chauri, which is about 40 kilometers from Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand. You can reach Rudraprayag by road, train, or air, and then proceed to Kanak Chauri.

Q.8 Can I visit Kartik Swami Temple at any time of the year?

While the temple is open year-round, it's advisable to avoid the monsoon season (April and June) due to heavy rainfall. Winter (September to November) is also not recommended, as snowfall can make the trek inaccessible.

Q.9 How Long is Kartik Swami Temple Trek?

It is approximately 3 km long.

Reviews for Kartik Swami Temple Trek

17 Users Reviewd
Madhu Petwal
Madhu Petwal, 2023-10-03 16:25:43

The Kartik Swami Temple trek was not just a physical journey but a soulful experience. The serene surroundings and the peaceful ambiance at the temple moved me deeply. The trek offered a perfect blend of spirituality and nature's beauty. It's a must-do for those seeking spiritual rejuvenation amidst the Himalayas.

@shivani, 2023-09-21 16:22:18

Kartik Swami Temple trek was an adventure of a lifetime! The journey through the forests, the cool mountain streams, and the distant Himalayan peaks all made the trek surreal. Reaching the temple felt like an achievement, and the spiritual vibes were powerful. A truly fulfilling experience!"

@Radhika, 2023-08-16 16:27:02

As a history and mythology enthusiast, the Kartik Swami Temple trek was a journey back in time. The legend of Lord Kartikeya and the temple's historical significance added a deeper layer to this trek. The temple's tranquility and the festival's energy were captivating. An awe-inspiring experience that left me in awe of the region's rich heritage.

Rajendra Singh
Rajendra Singh, 2023-08-02 16:21:48

The trek to Kartik Swami Temple is a must for nature enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. The trail is well-marked, and the views along the way are simply breathtaking. The temple's serene ambiance is perfect for meditation. Just be sure to plan your trip during the right season for the best experience."

Subir Bisht
Subir Bisht, 2023-07-02 16:30:07

Our family sought a unique blend of spirituality and nature, and FirstTrek's Kartik Swami Temple trek delivered just that. The trek was well-guided, and our kids were fascinated by the lush forests, wildlife, and mountain streams. The temple itself was a serene oasis, and we were able to participate in the Kartik Poornima festival. FirstTrek ensured our family's safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Kanika Rathore
Kanika Rathore, 2023-06-17 16:25:20

Embarking on the Kartik Swami Temple trek was a surreal adventure! The panoramic views of the Himalayas during the trek left me breathless. The temple's spiritual aura atop the mountain was truly mesmerizing. The well-maintained trail and the welcoming locals made this trek an unforgettable experience. I would highly recommend this trek to fellow adventure seekers

@Apte_family, 2023-05-25 16:27:50

Our family had a fantastic time trekking to Kartik Swami Temple. The trail was doable for our kids, and they loved the adventure. The locals were incredibly warm and accommodating. The temple had an ethereal vibe, and the views were truly breathtaking. It was a perfect blend of adventure and spiritual exploration for our family.

Kamini Negi
Kamini Negi, 2023-05-22 16:22:47

This trek is a hidden gem! The Kartik Swami Temple is not just a place of worship; it's a place to connect with nature and spirituality. The moderate difficulty level makes it accessible to most. The temple's setting is mesmerizing, and the Kartik Poornima festival was a delightful cultural experience.

@himalaya_rider, 2023-03-20 16:32:41

FirstTrek's Kartik Swami Temple trek allowed our family to create memories that will last a lifetime. From the moment we began our journey in Kanak Chauri to reaching the temple's serene surroundings, every aspect was well-organized. We felt safe and inspired by the majestic mountains. It was a perfect family bonding experience.

Hema rawat
Hema rawat, 2022-11-25 16:20:48

The Kartik Swami Temple trek was an unforgettable experience. The trek combines spiritual serenity with the stunning beauty of the Himalayas. The panoramic views from the temple left me in awe, and the trek through rhododendron forests was magical. Highly recommended for those seeking a blend of adventure and spirituality!

@harish-mehra, 2022-11-16 16:29:29

Our family embarked on the Kartik Swami Temple trek organized by FirstTrek, and it was an unforgettable experience. From start to finish, everything was meticulously planned. The trek was moderate, making it perfect for our family, including kids and elders. The views along the trail were breathtaking, and reaching the temple was truly rewarding. We're grateful to FirstTrek for making this a seamless and memorable family adventure.

Anik Vishwas
Anik Vishwas, 2022-08-10 16:23:17

The Kartik Swami Temple trek is more than just a physical journey. It's a journey within. The tranquility of the temple and the natural beauty of the surroundings make it an ideal place for introspection and meditation. I left feeling spiritually rejuvenated and connected to the Himalayas.

Preetam Bisht
Preetam Bisht, 2022-06-23 16:23:55

The trek to Kartik Swami Temple exceeded my expectations. The views from the top were simply mesmerizing, and the sense of accomplishment was immense. It's a trek that offers both adventure and spirituality, making it a unique experience. I can't wait to visit again!

Praduman Parmar
Praduman Parmar, 2022-06-09 16:26:26

Nature at its finest! The Kartik Swami Temple trek took me through lush forests, pristine streams, and captivating vistas. The sights and sounds of the Himalayan wilderness were a treat for the senses. Although the trek was moderately challenging, the breathtaking views made every step worth it. A nature lover's paradise indeed!

@Ramma_apte, 2022-04-05 16:31:45

We were initially concerned about the suitability of the trek for our family, including young children and grandparents. Thanks to FirstTrek's thoughtful planning, the Kartik Swami Temple trek proved to be an adventure for all ages. The support staff ensured everyone's comfort, and the sights and sounds of the Himalayas left an indelible impression on our family.

@annpurna, 2022-02-16 16:30:46

FirstTrek provided our family with an opportunity to disconnect from our busy lives and immerse ourselves in the Himalayan beauty. The Kartik Swami Temple trek was perfectly paced, allowing us to enjoy quality time together. The knowledgeable guides made the journey educational, sharing insights into the region's history and culture. It was a family trip we'll cherish forever.

heena siddiqi
heena siddiqi, 2022-02-10 16:42:32

Visiting Kartik Swami Temple during the Kartik Poornima festival is an experience like no other. The temple comes alive with devotion, prayers, and celebrations. Witnessing the faith and rituals is a deeply moving and spiritually enriching experience.

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